Marine Extension Cord Reels Essential Product Details

Discover the superior performance and reliability of Marine Leash marine extension cord reels. Specifically designed for the challenging marine environment, our cord reels offer exceptional durability, flexibility, and safety, making them the perfect choice for marinas, docks, boats, and ships. Here’s a detailed look at our product offerings:

Large Marine Extension Cord Reels

Our large marine extension cord reels provide extended reach and robust power capacity, ideal for a wide range of marine applications.

large marine extension cord reel diagram

Shown above is the 50ft. to 80ft. case

  • Length and Gauge: Available in lengths of 50 to 80 feet, with options for 12 or 14-gauge wire.
  • Amperage: Equipped with a 20 amp internal breaker, delivering sufficient power for various marine equipment.
  • Flexibility: These cords maintain flexibility in extreme temperatures, ranging from -58°F to 221°F, ensuring usability in all weather conditions.
  • Mounting: Includes a swivel bracket for easy and secure mounting, enhancing convenience and safety.
  • Applications: Perfect for charging marine batteries, powering maintenance tools, and providing a reliable shore power source for dockside activities.

Small Marine Extension Cord Reels

Our small marine extension cord reels are perfect for applications requiring shorter lengths but maintaining the same high standards of durability and flexibility.

small marine extension core reel diagram

Shown above is the 10ft. to 40ft. case

  • Length and Gauge: Available in lengths of 10 to 40 feet, with options for 12, 14, and 16-gauge wire.
  • Amperage: Options include 20 amp and 15 amp breakers, catering to different power needs.
  • Flexibility: Designed to be flexible in temperatures from -58°F to 221°F, these cords are easy to handle and store.
  • Mounting: Requires additional mounting brackets, sold separately, for secure installation.
  • Applications: Ideal for boat maintenance and repair, powering electric-powered vessels, and supporting outdoor marine events.

Key Features of our Marine leash Extension Cord Reels

  1. Durability and Weather Resistance:
    • Our marine extension cord reels are constructed to withstand harsh marine environments. The all-weather design ensures the cords are water and oil-resistant, providing longevity and reliability.
    • Whether you are dealing with saltwater exposure or oil spills, these marine-grade power cords are built to last.
  2. Temperature Flexibility:
    • Engineered to remain flexible in a wide temperature range, from -58°F to 221°F, these cords are perfect for use in both cold and hot climates without compromising performance.
    • This extreme temperature extension cord ensures that you can handle power needs in any weather condition, maintaining flexibility and safety.
  3. Safety and Compliance:
    • All our marine extension cord reels conform to UL Listings 1363-A, 60601, 355, CSA C22.2 STD. NO. 308, ensuring they meet high safety and quality standards.
    • With these UL-listed marine cords, you can be confident in their compliance and reliability.
  4. Convenient Mounting Options:
    • Large cord reels come with a swivel bracket for easy mounting, while small cord reels require additional brackets that are sold separately, offering installation flexibility.
    • These easy-mount marine cord reels ensure that you have a secure and accessible power solution in any setup.

CONFORMS TO UL LISTINGS 1363-A, 60601, 355, CSA C22.2 std. No. 308

The Marine Leash is the only 10-80Ft. 12 / 14-gauge 20 Amp. All-weather watertight -58°F to 221°F retractable power cord reel designed for marinas, docks, boats, and ships. The Marine Leash can be used on board for retractable power using the boat’s internal 125 VAC power at sea or port.

Brackets and Pedestals

To enhance the functionality and usability of our marine extension cord reels, we offer a range of mounting brackets and pedestals:

  • Swivel Brackets: Included with large cord reels, these brackets allow for easy and secure mounting, ensuring that your cords are always accessible and safely stored.
  • Additional Mounting Brackets: Available for small cord reels, these brackets are sold separately and provide secure installation for various setups.
  • Mounting Pedestals: Our Marine Leash Mounting Pedestal ML-P-40-2 supports up to two cord reels, while the ML-P-40-4 supports up to four cord reels. This 40-inch pedestal features a durable powder-coated hammer black finish and includes four watertight electrical boxes and GFCI outlets, ensuring safe and reliable power distribution. Reflective tape is also included for enhanced visibility.
    • This marine mounting pedestal is perfect for organizing your dockside power setup and ensuring all your power cords are safely managed.


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Applications Supporting Marine Extension Cord Reels

  • Marine Charging Solutions: Ideal for charging marine batteries and providing power to various onboard systems. These marine battery charger cords ensure your batteries are always ready for action.

  • Boat Maintenance and Repair: Power tools and equipment efficiently during routine maintenance and repair tasks. Use these boat maintenance power cords for a hassle-free and organized setup.

  • Electric-Powered Vessels: Support cord reels to recharge batteries of electric-powered boats and pontoons, ensuring they remain operational and ready for use. These electric boat power cords are essential for keeping your electric vessels running smoothly.

  • Dockside Power Supply: Provides a dependable power source at docks and marinas for various electrical needs. These dockside extension cords offer a reliable and organized power solution for your marine needs.

Marine Leash’s marine extension cord reels are designed to provide reliable, safe, and flexible power solutions for all your marine needs. Whether you need a compact solution for small tasks or a heavy-duty cord for extensive applications, our products are built to perform in the toughest conditions. Explore our range of marine extension cord reels and find the perfect fit for your marine power requirements.

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