Convenient Safe retractable watertight power for your electric boat

The Marine Leash is the only watertight power cord reel designed for charging boats and pontoons with electric motors. With just a pull of the cord your battery is charging.

Power With a Single Pull

The ability to charge your marine battery has never been easier or safer with the Marine Leash.  A simple tug of the cord and you can plugin and charge your boat or pontoon battery in seconds.  The cord reel gives you plenty of length to mount your Marine Leash in a number  of convenient locations with a maximum of length of 50ft.

No Fuss No Mess

Imagine how nice it would be to never see another extension cord lying around in a tangled mess. The Marine Leash solves that problem with outdoor water-tight power available in 12, 14, 16, or 18 gauge kept neatly put away until you are ready to use it.  It’s the perfect addition mounted to your dock or installed on your boat.

All models are available with a gray or brown finish.

Electricity and Water Don't Mix

Add and extra layer of safety between your home and electric powered boat.

When using any type of electrical devices or power cords around water is a potential safety hazard. An  Accidental drop of a power cord into the water could result in a fire, especially if your home wasn’t properly wired or out of date.  As convenient as the Marine Leash is, its real advantage is the internal circuit breaker.  This, along with the watertight case, provides an additional safety in the prevention of electrical damage or fire. 

Customers reviews

What people say?

Having the Marine Leash on my dock has been a great addition. I use to worry about my extension cord falling out when the wind blew my pontoon boat around. Now the cord moves with the boat. Very happy with my Marine Leash.
Harold Starnes
We live in a retirement community now and have our grand kids over all the time. I can't tell you how many times the cord to our boat would end up missing or get dropped into the lake. I'm bought the house model and I am very happy with it. It is very well made and I use it for other things like my weedeater.
Charlie "Chuck" Gaines

Marine Leash Video

Take a look at this video to see just exactly how the Marine Leash can provide simpler, safer, power for your electric powered boat.  The Marine Leash is a commercial grade product with its sister products being used in some of the harshest conditions. Box stores or online consumer cord reels don’t come close to the conditions the Marine Leash can withstand. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Is the case really watertight?

Yes it is.  It case is designed with an overlap that joins the two side of the case together with a silicon seal to prevent water from entering the case.

Does the Marine Leash have a curcuit breaker inside it?

All Marine Leashes come with an internal breaker.  The length and gage of the cord determine the amperage of the breaker. 

Will the internal breaker protect my home wiring?

Absolutely!  This is the purpose of the design of the Marine Leash.  This is what makes the Marine Leash  different from almost all the other consumer cord reels on the market.  Think of it as a first line of defense in protecting your home from any accidental cord drops into the water.

What happens if I forget to unplug before leaving the dock?

One of the nice features of the Marine Leash is its ability to retract on its own.  The  cord in most instances would simply unplug and retract back in to the case, thou this practice is not recommended and could result in damage to property or the unit itself.

Will the cord stay plugged in when my boat moves around?

If your speaking about slight movements of a couple of feet while you boat is docked then yes it will.  The cord cannot be fully extended though, it must have enough cord in the case to accommodate the movement.

Can I use the Marine Leash for other electrical needs ?

Yes and no.  It depends on which model you buy.  The shore mounted model makes it easy to use as an outdoor retractable extension cord but it has limits. The models with 18 gauge cord (the Marine Leash with the longest length cord) should only be used for recharging the battery on your electric powered boat.  All other shore mounted Marine Leashes can be use for you other electrical needs.

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