55ft 12 Gauge 20 AMP Marine Power Cord Reel
55ft 12 Gauge 20 AMP Marine Power Cord Reel

55ft 12 Gauge 20 AMP Marine Power Cord Reel


Marine Leash Model ML-552012-F Product Description

The Marine Leash model ML-502012-F is a robust Watertight & Weatherproof Retractable Reel, featuring a 50ft total length of 12/3 gauge wire and an internal 20 AMP breaker. This model includes a convenient swivel bracket for easy mounting to docks, marinas, or boats. The retractable end of the cord is equipped with a lighted single female end, ensuring secure and reliable connections.

Designed specifically for marine applications, the Marine Leash provides reliable outdoor retractable power. Its SJEOOW all-weather extension cord is both water and oil-resistant, ensuring durability in harsh marine environments. With a UV rating of 221°F, this cord is perfect for extreme summer climates and remains flexible down to -58°F, making it suitable for year-round use.

Key Features and Uses:

  • Mounts to Dock / Marina / Boat: Versatile mounting options for various marine setups.
  • Charging Marine Batteries: Easily reach and charge batteries on boats, yachts, and pontoons, ensuring your vessel is always ready for the next adventure.
  • Boat Maintenance: Power tools and equipment during routine maintenance tasks, including sanding, polishing, and repairs, even when docked far from shore power sources.
  • Recharging Electric-Powered Boats and Pontoons: Efficiently recharge batteries to keep electric-powered boats and pontoons operational.
  • Outdoor Marine Events: Ideal for powering lights, sound systems, and other electrical equipment during marine events or dockside gatherings.


The Marine Leash model ML-552012-F offers a versatile and durable solution for all your marine power needs, providing peace of mind with its weatherproof design and built-in safety features.

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