Watertight 30ft 14 Gauge 20 AMP Tri-Tap Dock or Boat
Watertight 30ft 14 Gauge 20 AMP Tri-Tap Dock or Boat

Watertight 30ft 14 Gauge 20 AMP Tri-Tap Dock or Boat


Marine Leash Model ML-302014-T Product Description

The Marine Leash model ML-302014-T is a robust Watertight & Weatherproof Retractable Reel, featuring a 30ft total length of 12/3 gauge wire and an internal 20 AMP breaker. This model includes a convenient swivel bracket for easy mounting to docks, marinas, or boats. The retractable end of the cord is equipped with a lighted tri-tap, making it ideal for multiple simultaneous uses. Designed specifically for marine applications, the Marine Leash provides reliable outdoor retractable power. Its SJEOOW all-weather extension cord is both water and oil resistant, ensuring durability in harsh marine environments. With a UV rating of 221°F, this cord is perfect for extreme summer climates and remains flexible down to -58°F, making it suitable for year-round use.

Key Features and Uses:

  • Mounts to Dock / Marina / Boat: Versatile mounting options for various marine setups.
  • Charging Marine Batteries: Easily reach and charge batteries on boats, yachts, and pontoons, ensuring your vessel is always ready for the next adventure.
  • Boat Maintenance: Power tools and equipment during routine maintenance tasks, including sanding, polishing, and repairs, even when docked far from shore power sources.
  • Recharging Electric-Powered Boats and Pontoons: Easily and efficiently recharge batteries to keep electric-powered boats and pontoons operational.
  • Outdoor Marine Events: Ideal for powering lights, sound systems, and other electrical equipment during marine events or dockside gatherings.

The Marine Leash model ML-302014-T offers a versatile and durable solution for all your marine power needs, providing peace of mind with its weatherproof design and built-in safety features.

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